Poolside Skateboards is pleased to announce for '06 a new custom board program. In the past, I have received numerous e-mails asking if custom shapes are possible. I would like to say that since Poolside makes our own boards and are not subject to the constraints of a OEM for our old school production it is possible to have the board you are looking for. 

All Poolside custom shapes will carry the soon to be introduced Poolside custom logo. Shops who also show a supported interest for the brand are invited to call and inquire about creating a custom old school for their old school appetite. The bottom line is that the days of settling for what everyone else has is over. If you want to see a shape from the glory days altered to fit the modern mold it is time to make it happen. Please read the following stipulations:

1.  Boards will be altered to fit on the concave double kicked mold used in all Poolside decks. 

2. All custom orders will first be looked over by Big Jeffrey, the board maker dude and owner, to verify the shape will work. If limitations arise, the customer will be made aware.

3. Upon approval of final shape and payment the sawdust will fly. Any mail expenses which occur to verify shape specifications (the template) will be added to the cost.

4. Finally, customers who are down with skateboarding and are into supporting independent companies are always welcome to call or e-mail questions.

Big Jeffrey
Skt 2 Liv
Liv 2 Skt